Recent Review Quotes

‘Rees has an outstanding ability to act as a conduit between past and present. It is as though she has tapped into an ancient reservoir ‘remarkable and unsung’, and stepped aside in order for the reader to experience the torrent of its mysterious element uninterrupted by poetic  ego or personal agenda. She slips like silt between and into different forms: seagull, mineral, light. A diver into – and retriever of –  other realms and substances, she is made of mud ‘ so otherly, otherly’.

Nicky Arscott, Poetry Wales Summer 2016

‘Rees’ poems are difficult to transcribe prosaically, moving as they do in a densely fairy-tale or dream-logical atmosphere. This aspect of her work in Blood Child and Riverine is hugely effective, creating a lush dreamscape full of mud, sludge, mulch and other fecundities, populated by eerie running children, unreliable parents, poet-birds and their panoramic perspectives’

Dave Coates, York Literary Review




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