Eleanor Rees Cover shot


There is no stillness and there is no lack: in this evocative new pamphlet, internationally-recognised poet Eleanor Rees taps into the flow that runs through everyday acts of being. From the liminal spaces of suburbia to the wild, sacred landscapes of the west, Rees’ fluid lyric style draws us into a motion between the real and the imagined where temporal lives come adrift in a timeless current. Sometimes drawing on her native Liverpool and sometimes roaming beyond into surreal, formless space, both Rees’ subtle voice and acute intellect are effortlessly displayed in these poems; intended as a companion volume to her recent collection, ‘Blood Child’, this pamphlet is a unique opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on one of the UK’s most distinctive poets.


‘A paean to the locales and environs of the North West of England; to the city of Liverpool and its peoples past and present. Emergent energies mobilised in liquid lines of song; concertina’d cadences of layered times. These are magical, dynamic poems… ‘Shift O matter shift…’

-Andy Brown


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