Blood Child

BloodChildIn her third full-length collection ‘Blood Child’, Eleanor Rees hones and extends her startling use of language and imagery to enact the many aspects of change – fleeting, elusive or moored in a negotiation of the material world as she roams through the landscapes of self and city. The idea of generation is explored in all its possibilities, the ‘child’ and the ‘girl’ are recurrent motifs, immanent and on the threshold of a magical or imaginative transformation. Landscapes are crossed, swum, burrowed under or flown above; skins and edges are sheared or lost, new coverings found and remade. Rees’s poems ask how new routes can be forged across shifting terrain and she offers the emergent space of the imagination as the only answer.


Eleanor Rees does with language what an origami master does with paper or a contortionist their own limbs: she teases and manipulates it into wondrous, strange, and alluring shapes. It’s been several years since I’ve read work this stimulating, the engagement with which offering such profound peace and pleasure and such resonant rewards.

Niall Griffiths


These poems are an exquisite unearthing of meaning in nature. They trace metamorphosis, find mind in everything, and suggest not so much what things look like to humans but what they feel like to themselves.

Jay Griffiths, author of ‘Kith:The Riddle of the Childscape’


Pavilion Poetry

First edition

Pages: 64

189 x 118 mm

© 2015



ISBN: 9781781381809

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