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‘Rees has an outstanding ability to act as a conduit between past and present. It is as though she has tapped into an ancient reservoir ‘remarkable and unsung’, and stepped aside in order for the reader to experience the torrent of its mysterious element uninterrupted by poetic  ego or personal agenda. She slips like silt between and into different forms: seagull, mineral, light. A diver into – and retriever of –  other realms and substances, she is made of mud ‘ so otherly, otherly’.

Nicky Arscott, Poetry Wales Summer 2016

‘Rees’ poems are difficult to transcribe prosaically, moving as they do in a densely fairy-tale or dream-logical atmosphere. This aspect of her work in Blood Child and Riverine is hugely effective, creating a lush dreamscape full of mud, sludge, mulch and other fecundities, populated by eerie running children, unreliable parents, poet-birds and their panoramic perspectives’

Dave Coates, York Literary Review




Reviews of ‘Blood Child’

Poet Ruth Stacey writes

‘Rees moves from the dreamy, languid suggestion of flight to the simile and finally embodies it with the metaphor. The uncertain reality, slipping between a feeling of reverie to a definite embracing of the animal (in this case insect) gives power to the narrative. Border crossing allows a discarding of rules and expectations so the landscape can be inhabited and embodied. In the poem Rees slips between light and colour, drawing the light into the lungs, so the narrator sinks into the surrounding environment; ‘meld place to place./ I am shadow./ It is my skin./’

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New Pamphlet: Riverine

Eleanor is excited to announce the publication of a new long pamphlet published by Gatehouse Press, part of the Lighthouse Literary Journal Pamphlet series.   There is no stillness and there is no lack: in this evocative new pamphlet, internationally-recognised poet Eleanor Rees taps into the flow that runs through everyday acts of being. From […]

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Wordfest 2015, Altrincham FREE Poetry Workshop

Wordfest 2015

‘Reading and Writing Contemporary Poetry for Beginners’ Workshop

Thurs 4th June, 2-4pm at Altrincham Library

A free event. Book online:…

Join award-winning poet and experienced creative writing tutor Eleanor Rees, poet to explore the world of contemporary poetry. From performance poetry to the experimental sonnet Eleanor will introduce you to some of the best contemporary poets writing today. She will also enable you to write your own poem using playful creative writing exercises. Poetry is for everyone and can offer riches – many joys and consolations. With a friendly manner and wide-knowledge of the art-form Eleanor will open the door to poetry.  No prior knowledge required

Versopolis: Promoting and translating emerging poets in partnership with 10 other European Festivals

logo-small-date ledbury

Eleanor has been selected to take part in an exciting exchange programme between Ledbury Festival, UK and ten European Poetry Festivals.

Ledbury Poetry Festival is part of Versopolis. This is a European poetry platform that creates new opportunities for emerging European poets and is supported by the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme and coordinated by Beletrina Academic Press, who also organises the Days of Poetry and Wine Festival.

Excellent poets write poems in every language but are often unknown beyond the boundaries of the language they write in. The aim of Versopolis is to change this, creating a unique, Europe-wide platform that gives emerging European poets the chance to reach an international audience and meet poets from other countries.

For 2015 Ledbury Poetry Festival selected five emerging poets: Eleanor Rees, Liz Berry, Kim Moore, Adam Horovitz and Meirion Jordan.

  • Liz Berry
  • Eleanor Rees
  • Adam Horovitz
  • Kim Moore
  • Meirion Jordan

In its first year the Versopolis project will promote 55 authors and their poetry, united under its motto ‘where poetry lives’, along with 11 festivals, which will act as literature promoters and publishers in the European literary space. The Versopolis platform involves the following literary/poetry festivals:
ARS POETICA, Slovakia;

Versopolis will help authors already established in their home countries spread their poetry across borders, its first and foremost aim being to promote European poets and their work and to create a close-knit poetic community.

Beletrina says it wants to see “not only canonised and widely recognisable poets reach the consciousness of European literature lovers”, but the voices of younger generations “also gain their place”. It added that the selected poets “will receive attention through performances and translations of their works on a digital platform”.

John Moores Foundation Reading

maritime musuem

Eleanor is honoured to be reading a selection of her Liverpool poems at the 50th Celebration Symposium of the John Moores Foundation at the Maritime Museum.

maritime musuemAlso on the bill are a wide variety of workshops and discussions, performance poetry from Levi Tafari and keynote address by Ken Livingstone.

26th November, 9.30 – 4 pm, FREE More here


Poetry Fields

If you are interested in finding out more about the POETRY FIELDS writing workshop programme as it develops sign up here.



BloodChildEleanor has a new collection of poems Blood Child forthcoming for Pavilion Poetry. For more on the this exciting new press see below.






Announcing Pavilion Poetry


Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce the introduction of a path-breaking new series of poetry books that celebrate risk-taking in the form while aiming to both challenge and delight readers.


Evolving out from the Press’ prestigious poetry criticism list and edited by Deryn Rees-Jones, award-winning poet and Professor of English at the University of Liverpool, Pavilion Poetry aims to seek out and publish all that is daring and relevant in contemporary poetry.


Launching in April 2015, the series will debut with three books from a trio of the United Kingdom’s most compelling poets. Small Hands, the debut collection from Mona Arshi, winner of the 2014 Manchester Poetry Prize and the Magma Poetry Competition in 2012, is a rich rumination on a variety of human experience: grief, pleasure, hardship, and tradition. While often lyrical, haunting, and uncanny, there is a gentle poignancy that sits alongside a political edge, marking her out as one of the most distinctive new voices writing today.


In Sarah Corbett’s verse-novel And She Was, time and narrative bend and interlock across a play of poetic forms to compose one story of love and loss. Corbett draws on Haruki Murakami’s fictional spell-making and the filmic neo-noir of Atom Agoyem and David Lynch to push poetic boundaries and deliver a work that asks us to renegotiate the ways we encounter and reconfigure ourselves. She is a past winner of an Eric Gregory Award and was previously shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize.


Meanwhile, Blood Child is Eleanor Rees’s third full-length collection (her debut was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection). Here Rees hones and extends her startling use of language and imagery to enact the many aspects of change – fleeting, elusive or moored in a negotiation of the material world as she roams through the landscapes of self and city. The idea of generation is explored in all its possibilities, the ‘child’ and the ‘girl’ are recurrent motifs, immanent and on the threshold of a magical or imaginative transformation. Landscapes are crossed, swum, burrowed under or flown above; skins and edges are sheared or lost, new coverings found and remade. Rees’s poems ask how new routes can be forged across shifting terrain and she offers the emergent space of the imagination as the only answer.


Alison Welsby, Editorial Director at Liverpool University Press, said, “This new venture for the Press is an opportunity to highlight some of the most original voices in contemporary poetry. Led by one of this country’s finest poets, Pavilion Poetry is an obvious development for LUP, building on many decades as a leading publisher of poetry criticism.”


Series Editor Prof. Deryn Rees-Jones added, “The University of Liverpool has a long and illustrious tradition of being a home to poets. This new LUP series marks an exciting moment in the relationship between the Press and the Department of English’s Centre for New and International Writing. The poets we are publishing ask important questions about the contemporary world, and do so fearlessly and movingly. It is a huge privilege to be working with them and for their work to be at the heart of a Press that will continue to publish the very best in new writing. We think Pavilion Poetry will find its place among the top poetry publishing houses today.”


To view the Pavilion Poetry series page, please click here.


Keep up to date with the series by following Pavilion Poetry on Twitter: @PavilionPoetry


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